Zappa – Deploy Python applications to AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Step 1: Installing Zappa
pip install zappa==0.48.2


Step 2: Create Vitual Enviroment
virtualenv env


Step 3: Activate Your env
$ source env/bin/activate


Step 4: Install Dependencies in Enviroment
(env)D:\zappaTest>pip install -r requirements.txt


Step 5: Create Sample Django Project
(env)D:\zappaTest>django-admin startproject myproject .


Step 6: Test Django
(env)D:\zappaTest>python runserver


Step 7: Deploy Project with help of Zappa
(env)D:\zappaTest>zappa init dev
(read all instructions)


Step 8: After Deploying Check Server Log
(env)D:\zappaTest>zappa tail


Step 9: Update Codebase
(env)D:\zappaTest>zappa update dev







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